We work with some of the best local employers.

This isn’t because they make the most money or employ the most people. They have become the best because they are community-minded and understand how important it is to employ local people.

Worktrainers ensures that disadvantaged people have the best chance of finding a job, because everyone deserves the chance to work and make a contribution to their community.

We have a great track record in matching the right individuals with the right jobs.

Our job applicants might sometimes require a little more direction and support, which is why our Worktrainers staff put in the hours to identify the best potential candidates for your organisation and then keep in touch to help you ensure that staff settle into their role as quickly as possible.

Employers who have worked with us have commented that after recruiting staff who otherwise may have been overlooked, they have been rewarded with  exceptional loyalty, persistence and occasionally hidden talents from their employees.

By working with us at Worktrainers, you get the unique ongoing support of our expert staff to ensure that both you and your new staff member get the most out of the placement as possible. This is achieved through a range of measures:

  • We work hard to ensure that we match people with the suitable skills and motivation with your business to give you  the best experience possible.
  • We work hard to support you and your new employee to ensure their initial transition to work is a smooth one and we continue to provide appropriate levels of support as required.
  • We trust that you will provide a supportive and safe work environment for your new employee and will work with you to achieve this.
  • We are committed to building a lasting relationship with you by providing honest and professional communication every step of the way.

If you think you and your business have what it takes to give someone from your community a chance at a job that they wouldn’t otherwise be likely to get, please contact your nearest Worktrainers Office to arrange a visit from your local Employment Consultant.