Employment programs

Worktrainers provides employment programs to hundreds of people in rural and regional areas of Australia each year. These programs are tailored to the needs of people from a range of backgrounds and circumstances who are finding it hard to break into the employment market, but have a desire to engage with paid work or volunteering.

Through our range of industry partners we are able to deliver the various programs below targeted to some of the key factors that affect peoples ability to find and maintain work on their own.

Disability Employment
Helping regional Australians with disabilities find and engage in award-wage work.

If you are looking to start a part time job or maybe increasing the hours you currently work Worktrainers staff are here to help make it happen.

As an experienced provider of the Federal Government’s Disability Employment Services Contract we are well equipped to assist local people with a range of disabilities or health conditions into award wage work. The strong local connections that we have built up over the past two decades mean that we can often open employment doors that you may not have considered.

Worktrainers provide employment services under this contract at the following locations:

Albury, Benalla, Bendigo, Heathcote, Seymour, Wangaratta and Wodonga.

Our Employment Consultants work with people with a wide range of diagnosed physical, sensory, psychiatric or intellectual disabilities or conditions, however to confirm your eligibility you will need to arrange an appointment with us. If you are still at school and keen to find a part-time job or considering leaving to find work, get Worktrainers on the job to ensure you get the best possible start to your working life.

Once you are registered with us, we will start working on getting you work ready!

  • We will put together a plan detailing how we will work with you to find a suitable job
  • We will help you write your resume or update you existing one
  • We will start working towards improving your work skills
  • We will work out the type of work that you will most likely enjoy that also best matches your experience and skills
  • Then we will start to apply to relevant vacancies, as well as market you to appropriate local employers
  • Once you start working, we will continue to support you until you decide you no longer need us
Geared 4 Careers
Worktrainers - G4C LOGO

Inspiring regional secondary school students to stay in school and realise their full career potential

Geared4Careers provides support to students in the Bendigo, Wodonga, Wangaratta, Benalla and Goulburn Valley areas.

Geared4Careers works with local students to:

  • Educate them about the benefits of completing their secondary education
  • Assist them to secure local part time employment
  • Assist them to identifying appropriate career opportunities

Whilst participating in the Geared4Careers program students work towards overcoming a range of issues that may be affecting their ability to achieve their full potential at school and in the work force.

Geared4Careers aims to create an environment where students feel connected with their individual schools and ensure that they have access to every opportunity available to them.

Worktrainers understands that one size does not fit all and as such, Geared 4 Careers’ parameters are flexible to meet the needs of each individual participant.  The program works to complement, not duplicate each school’s current services and curriculum.

Comments taken from 2017 participant survey

“I appreciate everything that Geared 4 Careers has done for me this year and I loved working with the friendly staff.”

“Improved my work ethic and focused on what I’m doing and what I’d like to achieve. Also focused on my priorities and what’s important.”

“This program has really helped me understand what’s expected of me and the things I need to do to achieve the best future/ career for myself and it would be beneficial for so many other students if they had someone helping them.”

Worktrainers - MiW LOGO
Enabling regional people with a diagnosed mental illness to re-engage with the workforce

Worktrainers have partnered with Goulburn Valley Area Mental Health Service in Shepparton since 2007 to bring the MiWork program to the Goulburn Valley. In 2012 this program was expanded to include Seymour through collaboration with the Goulburn Valley Area Mental Health Service and the Mental Illness Fellowship Victoria.

MiWork is designed to assist people with a diagnosed mental illness into employment. Our participants initially enter the program whilst in the care of case managers at Goulburn Valley Area Mental Health Service (GVAMHS), after they identify the desire to enter employment. Worktrainers acts as the employment specialist, while GVAMHS remains the health care provider. Mental Illness Fellowship Victoria (MIFV) supports both organisations in Seymour in kind and through assistance in reporting and data capturing.

Through the MiWork program Worktrainers aims to improve the participation levels of people who suffer from severe forms of Mental Illness.

Through Mi Work, Worktrainers aims to have 70% of participants actively involved in employment, education or volunteering within 12 months of joining the program.

Our clients sometimes identify that education and volunteering are their initial goal, so we support clients to achieve their desired outcomes, rather than moving them straight into employment.” – Craig Marshall CEO