Corporate Social Responsibility

Employers in Northern Victoria, who want to give something back to their community, are developing partnerships with Worktrainers to help people out of disadvantage and into work.

Employing someone through Worktrainers isn’t an act of charity, or pure altruism, it is a recognition that when you give a fair go to someone who has been through tough times, you can get more than a simple employer-employee relationship.

Employers often find that once the workers they employ, through Worktrainers, find their niche, they are phenomenally loyal, persistent and reliable. At the same time, employers also appreciate the opportunity to give something back to their community.

For our partners, Corporate Social Responsibility is not just about nice words in their annual report; it’s about genuine community involvement that gives fresh chances to people who have been through tough times and it is helping build their business by taking on people who are deeply committed to doing great work if only they can get the opportunity to do so.

We don’t just talk about corporate social responsibility, we live it!