Our Employment Program

Worktrainers provides an employment program to hundreds of people in rural and regional areas of Australia each year.
These programs are tailored to the needs of people from a range of backgrounds and circumstances, who are finding it hard to break into the employment market, but have a desire to engage with paid work or volunteering.


Through our range of industry partners, we are able to deliver our program, and target some of the key factors that affect peoples ability to find and maintain work on their own.
Geared 4 Careers

Inspiring regional Secondary School students to stay on path, keep studying and realise their full career potential.

Geared4Careers provides support to students across a range of different Secondary Schools in the Shepparton, Bendigo, Wangaratta/Benalla and Wodonga areas. Geared4Careers works with local students to:

  • Educate them about the benefits of completing their secondary education
  • Assist them to secure local part time employment
  • Assist them to identifying appropriate career opportunities

Whilst participating in the Geared4Careers work program, students work towards overcoming a range of issues that may be affecting their ability to achieve their full potential at school and in the work force.

The over all goal for the Geared4Careers work program is to create an environment where students feel comfortable and connected with their schools, to ensure they aren’t disadvantaged and have access to every opportunity available to them.

Worktrainers understands that one size does not fit all and as such, Geared 4 Careers’ parameters are flexible to meet the needs of each individual participant. The program works to complement, not duplicate, each school’s current services and curriculum.

“I appreciate everything that Geared 4 Careers has done for me this year (2017) and I loved working with the friendly staff.”

“Improved my work ethic and focused on what I’m doing and what I’d like to achieve. Also focused on my priorities and what’s important.”

“This program has really helped me understand what’s expected of me and the things I need to do to achieve the best future/ career for myself and it would be beneficial for so many other students if they had someone helping them.”