About us

Worktrainers has been providing employment services to disadvantaged people in regional Victoria for more than two decades.

Worktrainers was founded in 1989 and wholly owns GAME Traffic & Contracting and is majority shareholder in Recruitment Select – commercial businesses which have established a strong reputation for service, quality and value in regional Victoria and New South Wales.

Our group is coordinated by The Workgroup, drawing together services delivered from centres across northern Victoria.

Vision & Mission


To provide innovative employment services that help jobseekers in rural communities to obtain equality with metropolitan communities in economic participation.


Worktrainers has a mission to “continue to develop viable projects and a commercial culture that allow us to place job seekers into sustained employment at the earliest opportunity”.

To fulfill our mission, Worktrainers offers an extensive range of services across nine offices in regional Victoria and New South Wales, all directed towards assisting local people overcome any barriers to employment and find award wage work


  • Our priority is to help people into work as soon as possible
  • We value innovation
  • We value integrity in all activities
  • We value independence in program funding
  • We value our staff – they are integral to our success

Worktrainers has forged many strong relationships with like-minded organisations across regional Victoria and the Riverina area of New South Wales.

Our local connections ensure that we are ideally placed to provide outcomes that are significant and sustainable for local communities in these areas.

Social Enterprise

A social enterprise is a business that operates just like any other business, delivering quality services and great value to customers, but instead of returning profits to shareholders, it distributes them to the community.

Worktrainers operates as a social enterprise as part of The Workgroup. Our Group operates two commercial companies, GAME Traffic & Contracting and Recruitment Select, which deliver commercial services across north eastern Victoria and southern New South Wales. Surplus income made by those companies is returned to the communities we work in by funding our program, delivered by Worktrainers – which aim to help disadvantaged people get a better chance in the job market.

Over the past 25 years, our programs have helped find work for thousands of people and we have plans in place to help thousands more.